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The actual process that goes into Cultured Marble is a fastidious commitment to a challenging production method. Cultured Marble is made up of a combination of quality materials , that is carefully measured and mixed in precise proportions and cured under meticulous conditions. The exact and careful manufacturing of this material is vital to achieving an outstanding product that we strive to fabricate for YOU the consumer. The persistence of our quality control procedures insures that you get a product that is free of possible problems that you might otherwise experience.

Cultured marble consists of actual ground marble dust mixed with a polyester resin. Cultured Marble is in a class known as a “cast polymer”. This insures that the construction of the product is more flexible to work with. This product is also far more durable and less brittle than that of quarried marble. A catalyst is used as a hardener and the marble is clear coated within the mold. This is similar to the clear coat that is placed on vehicles.

In a nut-shell, Cultured Marble is "Marble" only better. With our process we are able to custom fit your needs with sizes, colors, and shapes. Cultured Marble is a very prestigious high quality product that improves the look of your home and with the proper care will last a lifetime. In no way can Cultured Marble be compared to fiberglass or plastic products that will break down over a short period of time.

We are proud of the products we manufacture. We stand behind and guarantee every thing we do. Our job starts with YOU. We will work with YOU in choosing the correct materials that you will need. YOU choose the correct shape, size and color. Whether you have a contractor or you are doing the work yourself, We work with you from the moment you need tear outs of your old equipment to the time the final seal is placed on our product.

We provide several services. Check out the rest of our Web Site and products or stop by our Show Room and see what we can do for you today.

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